Student Councillors 2021

Congratulations to our eight new councillors for 2021. They are great role models and ambassadors to Anchorage Park School and show huge leadership. 

Muhammad Ibrahim Haroon Khan

I think that I am a helpful, kind person. And a good role model.

I want to make kids be more helpful towards each other. 

Junior Moa

I like being a school councillor because being a school councillor is a big opportunity including being a really big role model to others. 

I would like to achieve many goals that I am still working on and I want to help many students.

Rimoni Ene

I would like to help out around the school and be a positive person. I would also like to greet others to our school.

I will  learn to speak up and be positive. I'll also organise stuff even if I think I can't. 

Alifeleti Nau

I want to lead the school and to become a good role model. I want to gain confidence with myself in front of people. I also want to keep and uphold our school values, ad to become a great ambassador for Anchorage Park School. 

Joseph matthews

I would like to help the juniors and help out around the school. I will teach the juniors to respect each other. I would like to help all the young ones to look up to me and so I can help around the school.

Isabella Khan

I'll be a role model for other students and my classmates. I think that a councillor should help people when they are struggling, be responsible and show our school values. It has been my goal for a long time. I would use all my good qualities such as being kind, caring, respectful and responsible. 

I'd like to be known as a great councillor who tries their hardest to do amazing things. A person who you can rely on and trust, someone who will attend every meeting and inform people when I am not available. 

Kaylis Hausia

Lewis Kouka

I will participate in activities and to be be a good role model for the future year 6's. 

I'll make sure everybody is happy every day. Also I would like to make people feel welcome into our Anchorage Park family