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School Information

Here's all the information you need for enrolments, school supplies like uniform and stationery, and our policies and procedures...


Enrolment Zone

We currently have an open zone.

Enrolment Procedure

Please note all newly enrolled students start school on Mondays. Students turning 5 start school on the Monday after their birthday. You are welcome to come into the school office during school hours to fill in enrolment documentation.   

Alternatively, please contact the school and we will post an enrolment pack to you:

PH  09 576 9175

School Donations

To enable the purchase of extra items of equipment the Board of Trustees asks parents to make a financial contribution either at the beginning of each year or in instalments or regular payments. These contributions cover the purchase of sports equipment, computer consumables, library books, audio-visual equipment, extra-curricular opportunities plus any other items for the benefit of students. Receipts are issued for tax purposes.

School donations are $120 per year for one child or $180 per year for a whole family.  Families may prefer to pay per term ($30 for one child or $45 for a family).  Weekly and fortnightly payment options are also available.  Please talk to the Office staff about your preferred payment method.

Payments can be paid directly into our bank account at ASB Ti Rakau 12-3056-0780433-00.

Enrolment Procedure For Children Turning 5:

At least six weeks prior to your child turning 5, we need you to:

  • complete an enrolment form
  • fill in consent forms for hearing and vision testing
  • fill in a dental enrolment form
  • complete an Digital Citizenship and cyber safety consent form for your child
  • show us your child’s birth certificate or passport (to verify age) and immunisation record. Both of these are government requirements.

Transition To School Visits

It is encouraged for parents to make arrangements for  transition to school visits for their child.  This enables you and your child to meet the teacher and see the class in action before the first day of school. These visits are held fortnightly - please check with the Office or our school calendar for dates. They can commence 1-2 terms before your child’s fifth birthday and continue until the child is ready to start school. 

Please contact the office to enrol your child and organise their transition to school visits. Please note a parent/caregiver must stay with the child during school visits.

Enrolment Procedure For Children Who Have Attended Another School:

  • Inform us as soon as possible that your child will be starting at our school and collect an enrolment pack from the office
  • complete an enrolment form
  • fill in consent forms for hearing and vision testing
  • fill in a dental enrolment form
  • complete an Digital Citizenship and cyber safety consent form for your child
  • show us your child’s birth certificate or passport (to verify age) and immunisation record. Both of these are government requirements.


Only New Zealand citizens and those who hold residence permits will be automatically entitled to free education. Unless exempted by the Minister of Education, all others are charged fees within the guidelines issued by the Ministry of Education. At present, we are unable to enrol fee-paying students at Anchorage Park School.

Vital Information

When enrolling your child, we request important information, such as your address, home and work phone numbers, details of any custody arrangements, and information about relevant health issues (allergies, special medication etc.)

Please inform the office if any changes to this information occur so we can update our records.


Our school uniform is compulsory. All uniform items are available for purchase from the office, including a range of secondhand items. Some items are also available from The Warehouse and Postie Plus stores.


Detailed stationery lists are provided to current students at the end of each school year for the following year and stationary packs can be purchased from Paper Plus.  

During the year stationery is available from the school office or take a list to the store of your choice. When replacement materials are needed during the year, your child’s teacher will send home a stationery slip stating the amount needed to pay for whatever is required. Students can purchase stationery from the school office between 8.40 - 8.55am daily.

Students starting after the beginning of the year will also receive a detailed stationery list.

School Policies & Procedures

Digital Citizenship and Cyber Safety

We acknowledge the importance of cyber safety and require all Internet use at school to be supervised. We teach our children to be good digital citizens, treating others with respect and keeping themselves safe in an online environment. Our guidelines are based on the NetSafe programme for schools, endorsed by the Ministry of Education.

Digital Citizenship & Cybersafety Procedures (click here)

Health & Safety (includes emergency procedures)

First aid and emergencies: Anchorage Park staff members treat any minor first aid issues at school. In all other cases, our procedure is to contact the parent or emergency contact person so that further action can be taken as required. In emergencies, immediate action is taken as required. We maintain an accident file of all incidents for reference. We also keep a register of student allergies.

We also have several Sun Smart strategies to encourage sun safety. These include children sitting in well-shaded areas to eat lunch during terms one and four.

Medication Procedure

Where it is necessary for medication to be administered to your child during school hours, we require written and signed permission, accompanied by detailed instructions of medication, dosage and time to be given. Forms are available from the office. 

All school procedures and policies are available from the school office.

Strategic Plan & Annual Report

Each year the Board of Trustees prepares an annual report and strategic plan for the school. The annual report shows how the Board has managed school finances to achieve its charter goals during the previous year. Our strategic plan tracks progress and sets goals for the following year. By regularly reviewing our progress, evaluating what has been achieved and setting targets for the coming year means that our school will be better placed to ensure all our students can achieve educational success