Tracy Leader


It is an absolute pleasure to be the Principal of Anchorage Park School.  

I have been in education for over 30 years and it is a privilege to do what I do on a daily basis. 

Anchorage Park School is a very special place with an amazing sense of community. It is rare these days to have such a tight knit community; where our students come to school to learn, have fun doing it and also have a true sense of well-being. It is where we know everyone’s name with a ‘small country school in the city’ feel - what a great way to describe our school!  

I have a passion for inclusion and strongly believe in empowering others so that all students and whānau feel safe and have a sense of belonging.  I also believe that a genuine partnership needs to exist between school and whānau so we are all working together which in turn, enhances learning. 

We have a core set of values at Anchorage Park School - unity, courage and integrity. We endeavour to instill these values in our students so they can thrive as members of our community. 

Ngā mihi nui 
Tracy Leader 
Principal - Tumuaki 

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Joanne McCreanor

Deputy Principal and SENCO. Room 3 (Year 6)

Mrs McCreanor has been a teacher at Anchorage Park since 2015. She has a passion in practical Mathematics skills and a keen interest in ensuring that all students reach their full potential in the subject. Mrs McCreanor has a passion for helping all students achieve their full potential.

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Lorraine Field

Room 4 (Year 4&5)

Mrs Field has been a teacher at Anchorage Park since 2016. She strongly believes that teaching young minds is a task that cannot be taken lightly and that all children are capable of learning if they have the motivation and direction from teachers. Mrs Field leads the STEM club. She is passionate about science and nurtures a love of bugs and the environment in her students.

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Mathilde Gouider

Room 5 (Year 5)

Kia Ora Anchorage Park School! - I am Whaea Mathilde and I teach Year 5 in Room 5. I am a former language teacher, passionate about the arts, music, social sciences and health. Most importantly, I love to make learning super fun, enriching and integrated. I am French, I travelled a lot before coming to New Zealand and my family comes from multiple places around the Mediterranean sea like Tunisia and Italy. I have been living in Auckland for the past 2 years and I love the fact that this city is surrounded by water. I love to swim, walk along beaches and enjoy beautiful sunsets over the ocean.


Hayley Pipes

Room 7 (Year 1) 

Learning and teaching must start with well-being -happy, relaxed children learn! I am passionate about making school a space where children are busting to get through the gate in the morning and are buzzing when they leave at the end of the school day. 

Juliet Jenkins

Room 6 (Year 2&3)

Mrs Jenkins has had a long association with the school, being the reading recovery teacher 1998-2003 then teaching in the Sommerville Satellite Unit 2010- 2017. Teaching Literacy is her strength & she tries to light the fire in all students to encourage them to be life-long readers, writers & learners.

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Kristy Benjamin

Room 8 (Year 1&2)

Ms Benjamin has been a teacher at Anchorage Park since 2014. Her favourite subjects when she was at school were art, drama and music. She loves to sing and it's not unusual for her class to hear her singing instructions to them.

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Avo Pita

Trish O’Shea

Trish has been a teacher aide at Anchorage Park since 2000 and loves the positiveness of the school. Her favourite thing about when she was at school was being with her friends and being the bell monitor.

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Yolande Ferreira

Yolande has worked as a Teacher Aide at Anchorage Park School since mid-2019, but was part of our school community before that as part of the Somerville Satellite Unit. 

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​ Susan Jones

Office Administrator

Susan has been working in the Office at Anchorage Park since 2016. Her favourite thing about working at the school is the family atmosphere and being able to give back to the primary school that her children went to.

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Ashley Zhou

Office Administrator

Corinne Dove

Social Worker

Corinne is a registered social worker who has been employed by the Anglican Trust for Women and Children (ATWC) since 2015 as a social worker in schools. Her role is to work in partnership with schools and school community families to help them improve their children’s well-being.  

Corinne is in our school every Tuesday but is also available to meet with families at other times. You can contact Corinne by mobile 027 567 4225 or via email.

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Kevin Williams