Literacy Focus

There is a strong emphasis at Anchorage Park School to grow a love of literacy.  We focus on understanding, using and creating oral, written, and visual texts.  We  engage our students by using high quality teaching practices so they are able to become increasingly skilled and sophisticated speakers and listeners, writers and readers, presenters and viewers.

At the lower levels, we follow a Structured Literacy approach. It is a highly explicit and systematic way of teaching all important components of literacy. These components include both foundational skills (e.g. decoding, spelling, handwriting and letter formation) and higher level literacy skills (e.g. reading comprehension, written expression). Structured literacy follows a very specific scope and sequence. The scope is a summary of what is being taught and moves from simple to more complex. The sequence is the order that sounds and letters are cumulatively introduced within the scope. The books support students to apply their growing knowledge to decode a meaningful text that corresponds to the sequence.

As students move through the levels, we use a more guided reading approach to lead students towards independence in order to make meaning, deepen their comprehension skills and be able to think critically using increasingly complex texts.