Celebrations and Recognition

PB4L assemblies 

Every Monday morning, we have a PB4L assembly to present PB4L certificates to those who are displaying our school values of Integrity, Courage and Unity. 

Playground Positives

Each week, we draw a "Playground Positive" award  for students who are 'caught' doing the right thing by making positive choices in the playground. Our Principal, Ms Leader draws names at random and those students are awarded with a ‘My Principal is proud of me’ pencil. 

Learning Assemblies 

Once a fortnight on a Friday, we have a learning assembly. This is where we showcase and celebrate our learning. One class is awarded the Class Shield and gets to host Geoffrey the Owl in their classroom for a week for outstanding learning. 

Wastefree Lunches 

As part of being an enviro school, we encourage all children to come to school with a ‘waste-free’ lunchbox. That means we are reducing our waste by not bringing food to school in packets and plastic wrap. If you a waste-free lunch, then you receive a waste free token which goes into a weekly draw. 

PB4L values coupons

Throughout the day, if children are seen demonstrating our school values of integrity, courage and unity, then staff can give them a coupon. Each coupon is worth points  that goes towards our house system. Each child is in a house (Kowhai - Yellow, Kakariki - Green, Whero - Red and Kikorangi - Blue).