School Board

Meeting dates can be found on our school calendar. Parents may attend these meetings. If you wish to raise any matters at the meeting, please inform the Presiding Member in writing seven days before the meeting so that this can be included in the meeting agenda.
Presiding member contact details:  
The overall governance of the school is the responsibility of the School Board, who delegates responsibility for the day to day management of the school to the Principal. The School Board is an elected body of parents and staff who oversee the management of school finances, property, facilities, staff and pupil welfare, and the provision of a balanced curriculum in accordance with National Curriculum Statements.


Rachael Kouka

Presiding Member

Joshua Wong

Parent Representative

Erin Bennison

Parent Representative

Joanne McCreanor

Staff Represtentative

Gareth Hawkins

Parent Representative

Jarrod Bayly

Parent Representative

Susan Jones

Minutes Secretary

Tracy Leader